BLOCKCLOCK Moscow Time Widget

Add a BLOCKCLOCK widget to your website. You can choose between two versions:


  1. Just before your closing </head> of your HTML, insert a <script> tag to import the required JavaScript and CSS to run the widget.
      <!-- Insert ONE of the below <script> tags before your closing </head> tag. -->
      <!-- NOTE: BLOCKCLOCK is a registered trademark of Coinkite Inc. -->
      <script src=""></script>
      <script src=""></script>
  2. Add a <div> with an id of blockclock-container anywhere in your document flow where you would like insert the widget.
  3. Use the appropriate class values to determine which views should be shown and how often they should be cycled. The supported values for different views are:
    • blockheight
    • usdprice
    • satsperdollar
    • moscowtime
  4. Specify the cycle interval using interval-n class, where n is the number of milliseconds to wait between view changes (defaults to 3000).
  5. Control the width of the widget by applying direct styles or targeting it from your exising CSS.

The following example will render a BLOCKCLOCK that cycles between moscowtime, usdprice and blockheight every 3 seconds and will not span wider than 700px.

  class="moscowtime usdprice blockheight interval-3000"
  style="max-width: 700px"

Enjoy keepig an eye on Moscow Time!